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Song of the Week (16/04/07)

“Accident and Emergency” (2006) – Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf
Image courtesy of

Addictive. Poppy. And definitely a song to mouth the words to. Even a song to sing when you are dancing wildly in the rain. Even though the career of Patrick Wolf has been something of both a slow and fast meteoric rise, his talent stretches far beyond the realms of just being able to play a mind-boggling amount of instruments. He arranges his tracks admirably, as well as serves his numerous lovers a delicious platter of experimentative songs. In this particular song, he shows he has fun, and through that- we have fun. You can just imagine yourself dancing in a Rococo-styled room flooded with rotating neon balls and lights with Patrick Wolf along side you pirouetting and prancing about in his flamboyant clothing, and he is encouraging you to dance. I can honestly say I love this song.


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The image of “cool-ness”

What does “cool” mean?

Rumble Fish
Image courtesy of – Rumble Fish (1983)

According to;

14. Slang. a. great; fine; excellent: a real cool comic.
b. characterized by great facility; highly skilled or clever: cool maneuvers on the parallel bars.
c. socially adept: It’s not cool to arrive at a party too early.

Bruce Lee
Image courtesy of – Game of Death (1978)

Another site- Wikipedia, has an interesting artivle on “Cool”, click here to check it out.

Japanese Hello Kitty Cute Girl
Image courtesy of, with special mention to the author tima77

But what I’m most interested in is the “image of cool-ness.”

Personally, I think the image of cool has always been some renegade youth with a fag poking out of his mouth, wearing a pair of dark-lense sunnies.

So basically I want you to to post up a pic of what you believe epitomises cool. You can do this via commenting on this particular post. Feel free to add any information which may help me construct a few slick statistics, e.g, gender or race.

This is a work of progress, so obviously it will take some time for me to compile a complete file and in due course I shall create a page containing all the pictures you have posted, as well as the winning picture- which will be chosen by poll.

Jonny Greenwood
Image courtesy of – Jonny Greenwood


1. The subject/s of the pic do not have to be well known (heck, it could even be you).
2. Comments and pictures will only be published when I have reviewed it.
3. One comment and image per person (I will be able to tell who has multi-posted).
4. No flaming or commenting on other people’s comments and pics. It will be edited out before being published.
5. The subject/s do not have to be human (it could be a building, sculpture, animal or the environment, etc…).
6. You must provide the source of your pic. E.g, if it is a picture of a well known person please provide your source (Reuters,, etc, etc…), otherwise I will not allow it to be published. Basically, give acknowledgement to the original creator.
7. If any creator/owner of a picture wants it removed from this blog, please go to the About Me page, where you will find my contact details and contact me via email.
8. If I receive too much spam, I WILL close this comment section and end this investigation.

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Deconstructing …. Me

When I say “amateur”, I really mean amateur.


Left Eye

Right Eye


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Song of the Week (9/04/07)

“Golden Skans” (2007) – Klaxons

Image courtesy of

This “New Rave” English band are certainly wowing potential fans with their catchy, acid-dance-punk-indie tunes (yes, quite a mouthful). When I first heard this song, I was also watching the video clip and I found myself particularly enjoying the backing vocals. They were stunningly good and fun to listen to- it’s much better than listening to some guitar riff that tries to be fancy but comes across as a time waster (try listening to Oasis’ Standing on the Shoulder of Giants). It’s an atmospheric, eery and definitely a song I would give a spin during a morning jog.

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Song of the Week (2/04/07)

“My Love Is Stronger Than Your Love” (2007) – Red Riders

Red Riders
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There is something sweet, fragile and pop-tastic about this song. It’s a song that you would find on a teen flick soundtrack. It’s more of a good pop-song than a guilty pleasure. This Sydney foursome melds heart-tugging lyrics and a catchy chorus which you learn to anticipate. I found myself waiting for the chorus of “Baby you know this ain’t love/My love is stronger than your love/Baby how could this be love/My love is stronger…” Still, it’s addictive and definitely on repeat on my iPod.

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